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Everything from a single source – from the short-circuit indicator to the mini SCADA system

Network information for grid control and planning is becoming more and more important for utili-ties. For this reason, Stadtwerke Heiligenhaus decided on a large-scale expansion with the state-of-the-art telecommunications technology coupled with a clear and user-friendly cloud service.

Stadtwerke Heiligenhaus is wholly owned by the town of Heiligenhaus. It took over responsibility for the town’s electricity network on 1 January 2016. A safe and stable network operation is of great importance for Stadtwerke Heiligenhaus. “Customer satisfaction is our first priority,” says Ms Sylvia Bienert, technical manager of Stadtwerke Heiligenhaus. After taking over the electricity network, Stadtwerke Heiligenhaus developed a plan for replacing outdated substations. “Up to today we have replaced approx. 20% of our total of 180 substations. Within the next few years other stations will follow gradually,” Ms Bienert reports.

For secure power supply operation and accurate network planning, network data from the local network is becoming ever more important. Continuous monitoring of the medium and low voltage network is possible with the system solution created by Horstmann. To receive data from the medium voltage network, they decided to equip the stations with directional short-circuit and earth fault indicators which at the same time allow monitoring of the medium voltage network. In close cooperation with Horstmann GmbH, Stadtwerke Heiligenhaus developed a standard for their new substations and opted to use ComPass B.
In the event of a fault, it is now possible to find the fault location quickly, reducing the time and costs spent on looking for the fault. In normal operation, ComPass B provides important network data such as currents, voltages and power. This data can be remotely transmitted using an RS485 interface or locally read on the OLED display. “The recorded network data is very crucial for our network planning and it helps us to design the network in a stable and secure manner,” says Mr Sennhenn, who is responsible for network planning at Stadtwerke Heiligenhaus.
For the remote transmission of fault and network data, Stadtwerke Heiligenhaus has opted for a complete solution from Horstmann GmbH. In combination with iHost Cloud, Reporter 4.0 makes it possible to remotely transmit data easily and effortlessly. The data is sent to iHost via the mobile phone network. The network information can be retrieved using any Internet-enabled terminal devices, such as laptops, tablets or smartphones.
Employees can log in to get a quick overview of their network from any location. In the case of a fault, notifications are sent out immediately by e-mail or SMS, so that the fault location can be delimited quickly. The line crew can then be directed specifically to the affected location in order to rectify the fault quickly.
For network planning purposes, iHost Cloud stores historical values right from the time of first installation. These values can be easily processed into graphs using the trend function, making it considerably more convenient and easier to compare and evaluate data. A special feature is that, besides the network information from the medium voltage system, currents, voltages and power from the low voltage system are also recorded and transferred.
“This allows us to have an informative overview of our electricity network and sufficient information for targeted network planning at any time,” Ms Bienert emphasises.
All new substations will in future be equipped with Reporter 4.0, so that the electricity network can become more and more transparent for Stadtwerke Heiligenhaus. To this end, Stadtwerke Heiligenhaus will continue to cooperate closely with Horstmann. “We value the good cooperation with Horstmann as well as their flexibility very much,” said Mr Fischer, the network manager.


“Through quick and simple installation, we at Stadtwerke Heiligenhaus have managed to make the local network more transparent. In case of a fault, employees can be guided in a specific, efficient and resource-saving way. For network-planning purposes, we have the most important network data from medium voltage and low voltage systems at our disposal, and this can, among other things, be used for simulations.
Everything from a single source: From the short-circuit indicator to the mini SCADA system. Thanks to the system solution from Horstmann, we can face the future and the increasing requirements on the distribution network with confidence and ease,” Ms Sylvia Bienert from Stadtwerke Heiligenhaus says in summary.



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