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The new WEGA generation

WEGA 1.2 and WEGA 2.2 have held a strong position on the market for more than ten years with their highly visible indication and excellent reliability. One more reason for us to enhance this product range.

In keeping with the new generation of directional short-circuit and earth fault indicators - such as the ComPass B - we expanded the WEGA series in 2010 with the WEGA 1.2 C and the WEGA 2.2 C. These provide the voltage tap-off for the directional fault indicators.
3 years later came the WEGA 1.2 C vario. With pluggable capacitor cubes, the customer can adjust the switchgear and power supply themselves. This offers maximum flexibility.
The series enhancement, with the aim of reducing the number of variants, began in early 2015. This new WEGA generation is based on an innovative wide-range functionality. Today larger nominal voltage ranges can be covered using a C2 adaption capacitor.
In addition, the WEGA provides a phase-selective under- and overvoltage display. A tool icon on the display warns against excessive voltage values of the capacitive coupling.
The new-generation WEGA series replaces all previous five WEGA products.
Here is a summary of the new and proven functions:

  • Designed according to IEC 61243-5 (VDE 0682-415)
  • Wide-range WEGA (e. g. 10 – 20/24 kV): Reduction of variants
  • Integrated maintenance test: maintenance-free
  • Under- and overvoltage indication: phase-selective
  • Retrofit ready: Capacitive coupling of ComPass B/BP/BS and SIGMA D/D+
  • Front accessible LRM interface: fully featured according to IEC 61243-5
  • Fully enclosed electronics: high functional reliability
  • Diagonal printing: horizontal and vertical installation
  • Connectivity: flat connectors and system connectors
  • Display test function
  • WEGA 2.2 C:
    • Remote: 2 relay contacts
    • Additional LED indication: green U=0, red U≠0
  • WEGA 1.2 C vario:
    • Pluggable capacitor cube: setting on-site

With the three WEGA variants, we offer you secure and future-oriented integrated voltage detecting systems for every eventuality.


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