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Solutions for Remote Monitoring

Growing competition and liberalisation of the electricity market is forcing the power supply companies to modernise and automate their grids. In recent years, reports and articles in trade magazines or topics of trade conferences have shown a trend towards „intelligent substations“ along with „Smart Grids“. These discussions are associated with a steadily growing number of decentralized power feed-in facilities leading to changes in existing energy supply systems.
In view of this, it is evident that the penalties introduced in Germany for power failures have also been implemented in various other countries in Europe, such as Sweden and The Netherlands. In addition to that, for the evaluation of the power grid, both criteria the number of outages and the average outage times (ASIDI figure) are of crucial importance in Germany since January 1, 2012. The introduction of a Bonus/Penalty system shall give incentives to reduce the outage times.
It has shown that – despite continually growing cuts in staff – there is a way to gain control over the grid outages by a more effective and targeted co-ordination of the maintenance team. The ability to obtain as fast and precise information as possible about the current status of the grid is a basic prerequisite to improving this co-ordination in case of a fault.


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