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iHost Pro

Designed for large distribution netzworks.

With iHost Pro all measured values as well as fault information are transferred directly to SCADA and are available on mobile devices at the same time. All data are stored in iHost. Installed in your premises these solutions provide you multiple options regarding the use, analysis and visualisation of data.
iHost Solo can handle the variety of remote devices of large distribution networks.
Complete with high availability resilience the system supports all departments of your company. The system can be tailored for user groups depending on their re-quirements.

Technical Data



iHost Pro

Hardware (HW)

Server / virtual server running MS Windows Server OS

HW / Server

  • Multiple servers, customer supplied

  • Virtual appliance recommended but not mandatory


Web browser and SCADA

SIM cards for smart FCI / RTU

Customer supplied SIM with private APN

RTU count

1000 / 2000 / 5000

Limits of users / user roles

unlimited / 50

Maps option

Yes (option)


Yes (e-mail / SMS)



Data access API


SCADA protocols

DNP3 TCP-IP/serial (or IEC60870-5-101 or IEC60870-5-104)

Simultaneous SCADA channels




Note Item Number

iHost Pro 1000

for 1,000 RTUs

Item Number79-1310-000

iHost Pro 2000

for 2,000 RTUs

Item Number79-1320-000

iHost Pro 5000

for 5,000 RTUs

Item Number79-1330-000

Advanced installation kit (remote VPN access)

Software installation and commissioning

Item Number79-1360-000

iHost Pro technical support

12 month

Item Number79-1350-000

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