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Smart Reporter

Product Features


  • Controls up to 12 SMART NAVIGATOR FCIs

  • DNP3 outstation Level 2+ (IP or Serial)

  • Local and remote configuration

  • Wide range AC power supply

  • Rechargeable backup battery

  • SMART PMU: Intelligent power management unit (option)

  • Advanced charger with rechargeable battery supervision

  • Power-down modes of connected load for extended battery life

  • Mounting space for selected modem/router/gateway

  • Tamper detection

  • IP 66 / NEMA 4X rated enclosure, mounting brackets, lockable

FCI Information (DNP3 data)

  • Alarms / Events:

  • Overhead line fault indication (permanent / momentary)

  • Fault current magnitude

  • Overhead line de-energization (loss of voltage)

Continuous reports:

  • Average load current

  • Peak load current (min & max)

  • Counters: permanent faults / temporary faults

  • Device temperature, conductor temperature (option)

  • Routine call and health check

  • Battery status

The SMART REPORTER is a robust, pole mounted solution that works together with the Horstmann line of SMART NAVIGATOR overhead line faulted circuit indicators (FCIs). Together they provide detailed information about fault events, fault locations and load data for distribution and sub-transmission overhead lines.

The SMART REPORTER acts as an access point that relays information from the SMART NAVIGATORs through different WAN environments like Cellular, Licensed / Unlicensed Radio, etc. into SCADA or Network Management Systems. The SMART REPORTER can monitor and manage up to 12 SMART NAVIGATORs. Together the solution forms a DNP3 Level 2+ compliant outstation.

The SMART REPORTER contains the SMART RECEIVER DNP3 that receives and manages data of the Overhead Line Faulted Circuit Indicators and that provides the information in a DNP3 compliant format. The SMART REPORTER includes as option an intelligent power management unit (SMART PMU) that monitors power supply and back-up battery status and enables selective power-down modes.The SMART REPORTER can be fitted with selected 3rd party modems/routers or gateways to enable different WAN connections.


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