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Smart Senja project

Smart Senja is an exciting innovation project led by Troms Kraft Nett and directed to the local fishing industry and private homes of the island of Senja.

As part of the collaboration between Safebase and Troms Kraft Nett, Maxeta has been delivering Horstmann equipment for MV switchgear in the local substations to help Troms Kraft Nett have better control and stability of the electrical grid during peak season (Read more about the project here).

The retrofitted Horstmann indicators, ComPass B 2.0, provide real time voltage values via resistive voltage sensors installed in the T-connector and current values from the split-core cable current sensors. The information is sent from the ComPass B 2.0 to the user interface SafeMon delivered by SafeBase for an easy to read overview.

With more advanced industry and household equipment connected to an aging electrical grid, the more information you have the better stability utilities like Troms Kraft Nett can provide.

Smart Senja project


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