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Technical day at Horstmann

On 22nd March, our industry representative from Hessen, Ingenieurbüro Pfeffer didn’t just bring 14 electric utilities to Heiligenhaus, they brought some sun with them too.

After a quick refreshment, Dirk Horstmann and Olaf Zugehoehr welcomed 37 participants in all. A short overview of short-circuit and earth fault indicators, as well as product and system innovations provided the perfect introduction to the subsequent factory tour. Visitors gained an insight into the production processes of the products and solutions presented before. The labs with state-of-the-art testing and measuring equipment were also looked at.

Another highlight of the technology conference was the guest contribution from Mr Dietmar Mohr, Head of Technical Services at regionetz GmbH. In his talk “Using power stations to their full potential” Mr Mohr reported what motivations have led to using intelligent stations in regionetz’s distribution area. In doing so, he revealed the economic, as well as technical considerations for this.

Following this, guests made their way to Wegberg, where Driescher was already waiting for them.

We would like to thank all participants for an interesting exchange!

Technical day at Horstmann


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