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WEGA T1 is a 3-phase voltage detector for medium voltage transformers.

for insulated MV transformers

Product Features

  • Designed according to IEC 61243-5 (VDE 0682-415)
  • Continuous LCD indication, 3-phase
  • Suitable for Euromold elbow connectors (K) 158 LR, (K) 152 SR and M 400 LR/G with capacitive test points
  • No maintenance test required, maintenance-free

The WEGA T1 is a 3-phase voltage detector for insulated medium voltage transformers safe for touching. It is installed in an add-on housing for applications in new and already existing transformer stations. Besides conventional medium voltage transformers, these types are in particular ideally suited for remote medium voltage transformers, or in transformer stations/buildings with more than one transformer.

With regard to the response threshold values of the LCD display, the design of the Wega T1 is a Voltage Detecting System according to IEC 61243-5, with capacitive coupling to live parts. This system is designed for elbow connectors with capacitive voltage taps type Euromold (K) 158 LR, (K) 152 SR, M 400 LR/G and Pfisterer MSCE 250 A 24.

The self-monitoring capability of the display does not require periodic maintenance testing. Due to the built-in display test function, the display can be verified with the devices installed and de-energized.

The device is not provided with LRM interfaces or test points for phase comparison due to the weak capacitive coupling which is associated with the specific application of the devices.

Technical Data

Technical Data


Nominal voltage

10 – 36 kV (nominal voltage of the switchgear)

Nominal frequency

50 – 60 Hz


Red LCD display
Arrow: voltage present, from 0.1 ... 0.45 U
Dot: voltage present, no maintenance test necessary

Power supply

LCD display: fed by measuring voltage.
No auxiliary supply necessary.

Temperature range

-25 to +65 °C

Operating time

Suitable for continuous operation

Housing material



Interface or test socket not included

Dimensioned Drawings


Note Item Number


Equipment set:1 Display unit, 1 Add-on housing,

1 Set of coax cable: 3 m, 1 Earth cable: 30 cm

Item NumberV51-1200-001-13x

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