FAQs Smart Navigator 2.0

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We start with our overhead line short-circuit indicator Smart Navigator 2.0 with three FAQs.

1.How many Smart Navigator 2.0 sets are needed to detect the location of the short circuit?

        "In general, the more Smart Navigator 2.0 sets are installed, the more precisely the location of the short circuit can be localized.
        But: The length of the line, the branches and the accessibility of the network area, for example, must also be taken into account."

2.Does the Smart Navigator 2.0 provide further information in addition to the short-circuit data?
        "Yes, the integrated sensors measure the current, voltage, load flow direction, conductor temperature and other values every 
        15 minutes. This allows you to keep an eye on the status of your grid and recognise potential bottlenecks at an early stage."

3.Is a solution based on current IT security requirements possible with the Smart Navigator 2.0?

        "Yes, our customers use the Smart Navigator 2.0 together with the corresponding networking software in critical infrastructure 
        environments, with a secure connection to the control room."

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