Digital substation

Digital substations: Energy supply for the future

Energy supply topics are not only relevant to the future. They are our daily issues and topics. And there are, among other things, complex challenges in substations, which we overcome using our innovative technical solutions.

Worldwide we are now seeing that the strategically most important traditional substations are gradually becoming digital substations. Substations that are not just indispensable for the safe, efficient and trouble-free distribution of electrical energy, but that also form the cornerstone in the digitalisation of energy supply.

For switchgear manufacturers, substation manufacturers and network operators, we are the first choice when it comes to producing high-quality products and system solutions for energy distribution in medium voltage networks that allow substations to become digitalised.

We are aware that for you, as a distribution network operator, every minute counts when a fault occurs and you must find the cause and the fault location as quickly as possible. Substations that we have digitalised can do that and, in normal operation, can also provide highly accurate measurements to the control room from the furthest edges of the network. This gives you an overview of the network load at any time and also ensures effective and predictable load management.

Keyword safety: Our highly accurate measurements form also the basis for state-of-the-art predictive maintenance concepts. Predictive systems that can help recognise faults at an early stage and prevent outages. 

We are ready – if you are.

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