When you have to find the fault quickly: Short-circuit and earth fault indicators

When it comes to quality, we make no compromises. To live up to this claim, at Horstmann we have developed and established products for underground cables with and without directional indication. They are equally suitable for radially fed, open ring and closed ring networks, as well as networks with a decentralised feeding system. Irrespective of the intended purpose, our promise remains the same: top quality – whether it’s for continuous monitoring or to locate a fault.

On the following pages, you'll find our product series for underground cables. In addition to components from the Sigma series (standard short-circuit and earth fault indicators for networks with low-impedance neutral earthing), you'll also find an overview of all the products in the Sigma D series as short-circuit and earth fault indicators with directional indication. A key benefit is that they can also be used in compensated and isolated networks (Sigma D+ and Sigma D++) as well as in networks with decentralised power feeders. We also introduce the ComPass B series: the best series for precision network monitoring combined with directional fault indication.

Do you want to switch remotely? Not a problem – just use our ComPass Bs 2.0.

Monitoring for network analysis

High-precision measurement for an overview of the entire the grid – the ComPass series records the most important data

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Directional fault indication for fast fault location

The Sigma series enables quick fault location for fast service restoration

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Phase-selective fault indication

Whether short-circuit or earth fault: Phase-selective fault indication with indicators of the Sigma 2.0 series

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