Quick action guaranteed: all the relevant data immediately on your screen with iHost Cloud

The technical basis for monitoring your system is based on a combination of hardware and a software application called iHost. If you want to benefit quickly, then iHost Cloud is the perfect  solution for you. It is ready to go straightaway. Personnel resources, e.g. for software installation in your company, are not required.

iHost Cloud is ready as soon as you have logged in via the browser-based interface of any internet-enabled device. You can now monitor each one of your installed devices. They send information to our in-house server. If, for example, there is a short-circuit on the network, information about it is sent to the database and displayed in your browser at the same time.

As a user of iHost Cloud, you have access to all the data collected and stored on the server. This means you can continuously monitor and instantly and accurately locate faults.

iHost Cloud is not just a good choice because it is relatively simple to operate and control: Pilot projects and smaller applications can be quickly and seamlessly set up with iHost Cloud and are a good choice from an economic point of view, too. And there's one more thing you should know: iHost Cloud has been developed by our subsidiary Nortech, which is ISO27001 certified. That’s a guarantee that you are in safe hands. Keep your finger on the pulse – with iHost Cloud.

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