The Smart Navigator 2.0 – bringing light into the darkness of faults

The statistics speak volumes: the exposed but also critical location makes overhead lines – compared to underground cable networks – particularly vulnerable to all types of disruption. The fact is, whether it's a small bird or a large branch, any fault needs to be dealt with quickly.

Are you looking for a solution to remotely monitor and detect faults – and not just reliably, but cost-effectively too? With the Smart Navigator 2.0 you can quickly locate the fault and have it displayed on site and in the control room. Measurements are taken of the current, voltage, load flow direction and conductor temperature – continuously. With remote parameterisation, you can react easily and quickly to changes in the network topology.

The Smart Navigator 2.0 is recommended for use in all branches of an outgoing feeder, in riser poles at the transition from the overhead line to the underground cable network and in inaccessible or hard-to-reach areas on both sides. It is impressive wherever it is used, particularly due to its very bright LED display. Designed to give a 360° view, it enables you to detect faults from a great distance – making it much easier to search for the location of a disruption, particularly in adverse conditions.

We have also made it easy for you to install and operate the Smart Navigators 2.0: Trip current can be automatically adjusted to the load current – returning to safe operation could hardly be any quicker.

If a fault is detected, it can be seamlessly reset when a current or voltage is detected again or a set time is exceeded, or it can be conveniently reset from the control room at the touch of a button.

Are you looking for a solution that displays the fault only on site? Then the Navigator LM is the right choice for you. This also features a bright LED that in the event of a fault is visible from a great distance, which makes locating it easier and speeds up the time it takes to fix the fault.

Phase-selective fault indication

With 360° of visibility, faults can be detected from a great distance thanks to the Navigator LM

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Monitoring for network analysis

High-precision measurement for an overview of the entire the grid – the Smart Navigator 2.0 series records the most important data

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